недеља, 12. април 2015.

This is the real one screenter site !

The real and only one screenter web site

Screenter is serbian web site, not russian or chinese, be aware !
Screenter is freeware and shareware software !

I am the real screenter software author, please contact me at: 

Screenter is software for screenshot and picture editing, encription and much more.

Screenter is best simple graphics software ever.

I am the real author of screenter applications, 
and I am serbian. I am living near Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia.

Just try my free version:

 (please don't use other versions)

An incredible and unique picture viewer :

An incredible and unique screenshot application:

An incredible, simple and unique graphics editor.
Short user manual for screenshot tool:

Seriously...have you ever seen

 anything like this?